Here you will find some of the varied musical styles with which I have been associated.......and managed to mangle!

First - a picture.



In full swing at  'The Fleece' in Addingham. We played there as the resident folk group for a 'good' eighteen months, the outcome of which was was a recording contract or rather one LP at the end of which the group disbanded.


Even before Fleece, we had been singing at the Bingley Little Theatre in Gilbert and Sullivan's 'Iolanthe' as a peer and a fairy!




Next came the jazz scene where I was mostly photographed with 'pint in hand', although I was  heard to play the odd note.

The Ellinthorpe Street Stompers

 Part of the 'engine room  
 The extended band  

I'm sure that people thought I could do less damage standing at the front with a stick and so I slid into conducting!

St. Brigid's Middle School Band

Visit by the lord mayor of Leeds

 Outside broadcast:

Yorks TV


 Roundhay Park Concert



St. Patrick's Concert Band

Not a clue where this was!

 British Legion- Remembrance Sunday(Day off-standing in on French Horn).

 Saltaire Boathouse Concert