The new kid on the block---------the Gentry. 




The Gentry

It doesn't seem right having a car I haven't built myself, but perhaps it should be considered a restart, the car having been off the road for some time.

These are  the photographs that were posted on Facebook.


 The caption was " 19 years in the making".



 The work begins.



Trying out the new exhaust.



Spot the mistake.


T Cut going on.


Passed the MoT second time

Welding work. Binding brakes. Brake pipes.


Now 2017 and I promised the car it would have a respray if it got through

the test. 




 I have decided to scrap the wing mirrors (they were useless anyway), remove the indicators and incorporate them in the side lights. The torpedo light are somewhat pitted but I'll put up with that for now. I am also replacing the steel headlamp bowls with plastic.

As will be seen in the picture, the discs were replaced before the last MoT. 

 The thought of spending time on my back in the garage over winter prompted the purchase of a scissor lift. Worth its weight in gold.






 The burnt-out ammeter was replaced and an oil pressure gauge that I had had for years found a new home.


 The interior has been given a face lift too,  with new door cards etc. and a new wheel.

Clear sidescreens and fittings make a big difference to one's coiffure!