Is it ever finished?

Update 2016.
Over the winter of 2015  I decided to do a few little jobs that I had been putting off.
1. The rear lights that were SVA compliant have never suited the style of the car and can be found on most wagons in sets of three normally!
2. The lighting switch that I fitted last summer has annoyed me ever since because of its large plastic knob.





3. The dent in the front nearside mudguard that I caught on the door reversing into the garage at Pinewood needed knocking out after seven years!
I realised that I would need to respray the mudguards to do 1 and 3 and ordered paint from a firm that was doing good deals on standard cellulose colours.
Unfortunately, the BRG they supplied was dark BRG and I must have had light BRG before.

One thing I forgot to mention was my fitting of the polybushes to the rear suspension as well as longer bolts and nylock nuts.This was recommended by my MoT man