Here's how I try to occupy some spare time, when I'm not injured!



My one moment of glory - meeting Liz McColgan at the post-race dinner in '96 and being presented with the 'Aqua Pura' Trophy.

This trophy was for the person who made up the funniest and filthiest limerick - or was that another one?





London Marathon Day
One of five days!
It is amazing how three people can be so jolly,  despite knowing what's coming over the next few hours.










Sometimes I feel quite envious of my old colleagues 

turning up for school on a Monday morning at nine o'clock -

and here I am, having to keep the weeds down on all the paths

 around Oldfield. 






 So many choices.   The Pennine Way
                               The Bronte Way
                                The Millenium Way
Even a choice of language..........Japanese for the Bronte Way



 or in a dry season








Well, I suppose somebody has to do it!

If you would like to visit the Baildon Runners' Web Site

then click here.



I really need to update this page from time to time.


 We moved to Wistow, North Yorkshire five years ago and I joined Selby Striders. I am not running anywhere near as often or as far as I should be and I'll have to put on weight to qualify for the 'fat guy at the back'.

As it  is I'll have to content myself  with being 'the old guy at the back'.

The Striders web site is 

Another house move!

The roads around Newsholme  are perhaps even quieter than Wistow. There is a route through Wressle of 5.4miles which is ideal in that once you are commited there's turning back.