How to avoid ending up with a guinea pig in British Racing Green


Perhaps the most frustrating thing about building a car is just when you have seen it running and all the bits work and move as they should, it has to be stripped down again to be painted. I chose British Racing Green ( again ) in cellulose,with a self-etching primer, a standard primer and finallythe top coat thinned with an anti bloom thinner. Unfortunately, it has been so long since I last used my spray gun that bits of it had perished and they no longer stock spares! Anyway, I realize now that, like my welding, I can spray almost as badly with my left hand as I could with my right!








Although it looks OK in the pictures, I shall have to do all the detachable panels again.


















They all have different faults. A different batch of what was supposed to be the same colour doesn't help!








If you want to follow the build in sequence the click here